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What are Special Olympics Clubs?

Welcome to a world where everyone belongs, regardless of ability. Special Olympics Clubs are a place where families, communities, and schools come together to celebrate the power of inclusion. Join us in fostering friendships, promoting acceptance, and embracing the joy of sports and activities for all.

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Special Olympics Clubs are

Grassroots Communities

Special Olympics Clubs are dedicated to creating inclusion for all through individual involvement and local communities.

Open for All

It’s open and free for everyone to become a member, regardless of abilities.

Focused on People

Clubs are aimed to bring people together, offer sports training, promote healthy living, provide and foster leadership, and create meaningful connections.

Criteria for Establishing a Club

To create your own Special Olympics Club, you’ll need to do the following:

Transform lives with Special Olympics Pilipinas

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    Start your Special Olympics Club in 3 easy steps

    Step 1: Ready Stage

    Form and register your club and attend the orientation

    Stage 2: Steady Stage

    Start your club training for volunteering, coaching training, and training for parents

    Stage 3: Go stage

    Launch and run your Special Olympics Club!

    "Naranasan ko nang tuksuhin at pag-tawanan. […] Nung makilala ko ang Special Olympics Pilipinas, nag-bago ang buhay ko. Masaya ako dahil marami akong nakilala na athletes.”
    Flordeliza “Liza” Baento
    Special Olympics Athlete

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Special Olympics Clubs host local events, keeping their communities engaged in inclusive sports and activities. They maintain regular contact with the National Program to share updates on club activities and stay aligned with organizational standards. Clubs operate in accordance with National Program rules and regulations, ensuring consistency and upholding Special Olympics’ principles.

    Yes! Special Olympics host local, national, regional, and international competitions.

    Of course! There are plenty of volunteering opportunities with Special Olympics Pilipinas. From being coaches, assistants, to even documentation and social media teams! 

    For Young Athletes, they must be 2-7 years old while athletes are required to be at least 8 years old.