Joseph Angelo Angel

Corporate Secretary

Macquarie Group

Jon is a Lawyer and a Human Resources Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Ateneo de Manila University and took up his Juris Doctor at the Ateneo Law School. He was a senior employment lawyer in Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz (ACCRA Law) prior to joining Macquarie Group and subsequently the Harlan + Holden Group. Jon completed his fellowship program on International Business transactions at the Academy of American and International Law in Dallas, Texas.

Outside his usual office responsibilities, he’s a proud father of three and a big sports and wellness advocate. He plays a wide array of sports such as basketball, rock climbing, Muay Thai, and calisthenics. His love for sports, inclination for wellness, and the holistic positivity they bring are his prime reasons for joining the Special Olympics Pilipinas Board.

Special Olympics athletes are the best examples of strength and resilience. Jon is deeply inspired by their passion for sports, backed by their individual stories and collective mettle to break barriers.

Armed with a legal background, the necessary global experience, and a love for sports, Jon wants to be able to give an alternative lens where the legalities that are often seen as barriers to progress, will be viewed otherwise – as instrumental to pursue the relevant cause.

For Jon, inclusion is recognizing and acknowledging the different circumstances of each individual and allowing equal opportunity for all despite any variance. Going further, more than just being open, it is actively listening and proactively pursuing.