The DNA of a Volunteer for the PWID Community

Volunteering is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a great way of enriching your life by helping others while being done through your terms and personal efforts, regardless of how big or small they are. However, it can also be a science and a form of practice. If your chosen cause is dealing with communities that need certain qualifications, such as with people intellectual disabilities, you might have to evaluate your capabilities to volunteer. Regardless, if you’re considering giving back to the community, then you’ve stumbled across the right article!

In our latest blog post, we’ll talk about the essential qualifications a volunteer should have for communities that help people with intellectual disabilities.

Understanding intellectual disabilities 

Intellectual disabilities do not fall under the same umbrella because different diagnoses can span a wide range with different criteria.

One important qualification is to have a deep understanding of these and to realize that each person you will encounter might be different and require different types of support. 

Remember: It’s important to do your research! The differences between various intellectual disabilities are often misunderstood–so take the time to understand each one. 

Having strong interpersonal skills

Being a good communicator is needed for volunteering because you will be engaging with different people. For example, here at Special Olympics Pilipinas, in addition to just being involved with people with intellectual disabilities, our volunteers also interact with other stakeholders such as the local government, potential sponsors, and more. One of SOP’s goals is to also educate communities about intellectual disabilities in the Philippines so being able to connect easily with others is encouraged. 

Resourcefulness and problem-solving skills are essential

Volunteering is greatly rewarding, but there is no doubt that it can be challenging, too. You can expect roadblocks, especially in cases when resources are limited. A qualification for a volunteer for people with intellectual disabilities is a strong set of problem-solving skills that can help you fill in the gaps in activities and initiatives. You might encounter challenges, but you can be sure that others will be there to help out!

Creativity and imagination help a lot 

Athletes and people with intellectual disabilities may require different ways of teaching and guidance to help them accomplish things. There are cases when unconventional approaches to training may be required to help an individual learn. Having a strong sense of creativity and imagination is highly essential for you to adapt to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. 

Being patient is at the core of things

This is especially important when you are a new volunteer for people with intellectual disabilities. The community’s specific needs have a learning curve and you need to give yourself the right pace to get the bells and whistles of things. As you go along your volunteer journey, you can continue picking up best practices that can make your experience, as well as the community you are helping, more fruitful. 

Volunteering for SO Pilipinas

Volunteers are considered the heart of Special Olympics Pilipinas. As a non-government organization that is focused on empowering athletes with intellectual disabilities, we have achieved a lot of our milestones thanks to our volunteers and partners who support us in our activities. Thanks to these individuals, we have managed to move forward with our efforts, which include regular sports clinics, and even participating in international events such as the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. 

Are you ready to do your part for the community? Our doors are always open for new volunteers! To be one of us, you can go to this link now. 

Support Special Olympics Pilipinas

Envision a world where equality and acceptance reign. A world where individuals unite to foster true inclusion. By dismantling barriers and embracing diversity, we can construct a society that is equitable and compassionate for everyone. 💪

You can also help Special Olympics Pilipinas make a change by donating your Globe Reward points on the Globe One App! Your points will help us create and maintain programs that help people with intellectual disabilities overcome social stigma through sports.

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