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How Volunteer Work Can Change Your Life

The benefits of volunteer work are one too many. When you’re willing to dedicate your skills, time, and heart to help further a cause.

The benefits of volunteer work are one too many. When you’re willing to dedicate your skills, time, and heart to help further a cause, you’re not only giving yourself a purpose, you’re also changing the world. 

How volunteering fulfills

Let’s break down the beauty of volunteerism below.

You can help contribute to your community 

This is especially true for us here at Special Olympics Pilipinas. As a non-profit organization focused on empowering athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities, much of our work and what we have achieved so far are because of our volunteers. Volunteering for a cause like ours helps educate the rest of the world about the community we serve—something that is incredibly needed for the people we want to help. 

It helps you meet new people 

One of the benefits of volunteer work is that it also helps widen your network since you get the chance to connect with others. Volunteering doesn’t only help others, it also directly affects you positively because you can learn from the people you get exposed to. It is a two-way street that benefits both parties. 

It can make you happy

Did you know that doing volunteer work can directly help fight depression and help you handle stress, anger, and anxiety better? Other than its social aspect, it can also positively affect your psychological well-being when you make meaningful connections with others. 

It can give you a boost of self-confidence 

When you help and do good for others, you naturally get a sense of accomplishment, too. There is that natural feeling of pride that you get from doing volunteer work because you know that you’ve chosen to do a selfless act without expecting anything in return. 

It gives you purpose

Having a purpose lets you live a more fulfilled life. When you volunteer, you dedicate yourself to a higher cause that’s unbound by money or any other conventional perks. When you work for something that’s also tied to the greater benefit of others, you also get to understand yourself better and explore the way you live your life at a deeper level. 

Volunteering to help others can change lives. Special Olympics Pilipinas is a perfect example, with our volunteers changing the greater community as a whole by giving us their time and dedication selflessly. And why it isn’t always easy, we are always a step closer to our goal when there are more of us working together. 

Volunteering with Special Olympics Pilipinas

Do you believe that everyone, regardless of who they are, should be given the same amount of opportunities as others? You can help us empower and inspire athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities by joining us as a volunteer. We hold special events like sporting clinics and partner with different stakeholders. This is to help give a stronger purpose to our members. Next year, we will even be sending some of them to the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin in 2023. This is the biggest sporting event for athletes with intellectual disabilities since the pandemic.

We will also be having a Christmas fundraising concert this coming December. Come and enjoy the benefits of volunteer work by joining us and supporting our cause. For more information about us, head to this link now

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  1. Maria Teresa A Cañete

    It's so heart fulfilling to be part of these wonderful persons who give loves from their heart without any hesitations and conditions.
    Hope I can be one of those privilege person to serve and protect them from any physical and verbal abuse.

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