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The Power of the Youth: Opportunities in Organizations Serving PWIDs

Involving the youth in volunteering for intellectual disability in the Philippines can change lives and break down barriers.

“The youth is the hope of the future.” 

This iconic line by Dr. Jose Rizal perfectly encapsulates the role of the youth in shaping the future of our society. In particular, this quote can be considered very applicable to the idea of volunteerism. These types of work is perfect for communities such as athletes with intellectual disabilities. We will discuss how involving the youth in volunteering for intellectual disability in the Philippines can change lives and break down barriers.

The heart and mind of the youth

If you want to start ‘young’ and show your community where your heart and passion lies, here are the different ways you can help.

Powerful ideas and fresh minds 

The youth has one superpower that gives them the ammunition to change the world. Powerful ideas and fresh perspectives that can create an entirely different mindset for their generation. In addition, the community of people with intellectual disability in the Philippines needs a lot of push to correct misconceptions. About them and having the involvement of the youth in volunteering can give a mouthpiece to subjects that need to be discussed from a different worldview. 

Inclusion and belongingness

Children with intellectual disabilities can sometimes be exposed to stigma in different social settings. The youth can start by creating clubs and organizations for inclusion. Members of the organization can provide a safe space where they can find support and experience inclusion. Moreover, by providing a sense of community to these individuals, we aim to empower them and help them realize their specific talents and potential.

youth in volunteering

Providing a voice

The foundation of a great organization can start at an educational institution. When schools engage the youth in volunteering, we create a strong bedrock. One way schools can help with inclusion is by helping and guiding students to create clubs for inclusion and guide them on how they can move forward with their organization advocacy.

Awareness and education

To change the mindset of a group of people, educating them early is a must. In addition, one of these is involving the youth in volunteering for intellectual disability in the Philippines. We can start an entirely new generation that has the correct perspective about the community.  One example is by educating the youth that there is no fine line between a ‘normal’ citizen. That people with intellectual disabilities are our own people and they shouldn’t be excluded from anything.

The fire of passion

Gen Zs are known for their unfaltering support of advocacies and their commitment to stand for what they believe in. In addition, having school chapters can get the support and dedication that the youth can provide through volunteerism. If you’re interested in starting your very own SOP school chapter, you can contact us here.

youth in volunteering

Expanding with a heart

Here at Special Olympics Pilipinas, we especially believe in the power of the youth when it comes to making waves and changing lives. Furthermore, as the national chapter of a global movement advocating for the social inclusion of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a significant number of our athletes are students themselves who are trying to develop their potential through sports. 

Moreover, SOP has several volunteering roles at the moment that are dedicated to supporting the activities of the organization. Additionally, through the power of volunteerism, we are working hard in empowering our community of athletes through activities like sports clinics, educational activities with LGUs, and participation in local and international sporting events. This year, we even had the chance to send some of our athletes to the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin through the support of our volunteers and sponsors. 

Finally, we are committed to changing more lives by keeping our doors open to more volunteers. Do you want to be one of us? You can visit this page to know more about our organization and how you can help.

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