advocating for inclusive sports

This Year, I’ll Be a Better Advocate for Inclusion

In 2024, SO Pilipinas hopes to continue our mission of advocating for inclusive sports about inclusion and a more inclusive future.

As a new year unfolds, advocating for inclusion resonates louder than ever. In 2024, Special Olympics Pilipinas hopes to continue our mission of advocating for inclusive sports and to become a greater organization in fostering a more accepting and equitable future for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Why Advocate for Inclusion?

advocating for inclusive sports

Our society is evolving, and so is our understanding of inclusion. It’s not just about visible differences anymore; we’re recognizing a more comprehensive range of factors that make individuals unique.

Statistics show that diverse groups of people outperform others by 35%, and companies prioritizing inclusion are 1.7 times more likely to lead in innovation. These numbers emphasize the practical benefits of advocating for inclusion, proving it’s a strategy with real advantages.

For individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Philippines, the call for inclusion is especially resonant, as it goes beyond statistical advantages to address the fundamental right to participate fully in society.

5 Steps to Advocating for Inclusive Sports, Work, and Society

advocating for inclusive sports

Achieving genuine inclusion, whether in personal relationships or professional settings, poses unique challenges, especially when considering the circumstances of individuals with special needs. The essence of progress lies in establishing clear, measurable goals that offer personal accountability and a roadmap for change. People must become informed and open to change to reshape perspectives within organizations and private circles.

  1. Embrace diversity in your social circles

Actively seek out connections, whether friendly or professional, with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with unique needs. Engaging with people with different life experiences can also allow you to develop deeper emotional maturity.

  1. Volunteer in inclusive organizations

Look for volunteer opportunities with organizations that champion inclusivity, mainly those focused on supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Philippines, like Special Olympics Pilipinas. Contributing your time and skills can significantly impact a personal level.

advocating for inclusive sports
  1. Educate yourself on special needs

Take the initiative to educate yourself about various types of special needs, the challenges individuals may face, and the strengths they bring. Understanding the unique perspectives of others is a decisive step toward fostering a more inclusive mindset.

  1. Challenge stereotypes and biases

Reflect on your beliefs and challenge any stereotypes or biases you may hold. Engaging in personal introspection is a powerful way to dismantle preconceived notions.

  1. Encourage inclusive language

Be mindful of the language you use and promote inclusive terminology. Respect preferred pronouns and avoid perpetuating stereotypes. Creating an inclusive language environment contributes to a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Take an Active Role in Building Better Inclusion

To build a more inclusive future, we must first recognize the crucial role of supportive communities for workers, students, and even athletes with intellectual disabilities. As we enter the new year, let stories from Special Olympics Pilipinas inspire a commitment to champion inclusivity within our communities and families, ensuring people with intellectual disabilities are not merely included but celebrated for their contributions to our shared humanity. Join us in this mission to make the Philippines more inclusive.

advocating for inclusive sports

Make a statement and show your support for people with intellectual disabilities by wearing these shirts. All proceeds will go to funding and sustaining our programs for our athletes with intellectual disabilities. Ready to wear your support? Dive into the collection here.

You can also gift Special Olympics Pilipinas something extraordinary by donating your Globe Reward points on the Globe One App! Your points will help us create and maintain programs that help people with intellectual disabilities overcome social stigma through sports.

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The holiday is more fruitful with the gift of giving!

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