advocating for people with intellectual disability

Season of Giving: Advocating for People with Intellectual Disability

This article explores how we should be advocating for people with intellectual disability, especially throughout the season of giving.

This holiday season, consider shifting your attention away from material pursuits and direct it towards something more meaningful. This article explores how we should be advocating for people with intellectual disability, especially throughout the season of giving.

Advocating for people with intellectual disability: 4 gifts to give this holiday season

This Christmas, give them your heart, and the very next day, give them your voice.

The gift of recognition beyond the disability

advocating for people with intellectual disability

The holidays provide a perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, and what better time to learn more about the special individuals in our lives? By sharing their joys and challenges, you will discover a newfound appreciation for the depth beyond their disabilities.

To illustrate this point, let’s reflect on the life story of Special Olympics athlete Marco Fabile Gaite. Suppose it weren’t for Marco’s caring aunt, Dorotea, recognizing his potential beyond his disabilities in one pivotal moment over a game of bowling. In that case, Marco might have yet to discover Special Olympics Pilipinas and embarked on his journey toward athletic success.

The gift of respect for autonomy

advocating for people with intellectual disability

It’s crucial to let individuals with intellectual disabilities enjoy their independence. Recognize the importance of respecting their ability to make significant life choices while understanding they may sometimes need support.

Robin Conanan’s story perfectly illustrates this. Raised by a hardworking single mother in healthcare, Robin learned the value of independence early on. Now celebrated as the “Bocce King” of Special Olympics Pilipinas, his achievements show his determination and his mother’s trust in his ability to make his own choices.

The gift of self-advocacy

advocating for people with intellectual disability

We can advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities, but one of the most valuable gifts we can give is empowering them to advocate for themselves. It’s their right to express their thoughts actively and believe in their abilities just as much as we do.

Princess Feliz Garcia proves self-advocacy can lead to incredible opportunities. With her bright, confident demeanor and a drive fueled by big dreams, Princess advocates for herself and maintains discipline during challenging training sessions. This dedication paid off, as she proudly stands as one of the Filipino gold medalists from the Special Olympics World Games 2023.

The gift of effort

advocating for people with intellectual disability

Social change is a gradual process, and every small step contributes to more significant movements. Actively engaging in advocacy for equality and community inclusion can transform lives. 

Kaye Samson, the Program Director of Special Olympics Pilipinas, is making remarkable efforts in this direction. Instead of taking small steps, Kaye is making significant leaps and serving with a wholehearted commitment. She leads the largest organization in the country dedicated to improving the lives of athletes with intellectual disabilities. Gift your presence with Special Olympics Pilipinas

advocating for people with intellectual disability

This Christmas, join us on this journey towards a more inclusive society, where your participation—whether through volunteering, providing resources, or raising awareness for intellectual disability in the Philippines—can contribute to positive change in sports and beyond. Learn more about Special Olympics Pilipinas

You can also gift Special Olympics Pilipinas something extraordinary by donating your Globe Reward points on the Globe One App! Your points will help us create and maintain programs that help people with intellectual disabilities overcome social stigma through sports.

Donate by following these steps:

1. Download the GlobeOne app and log in

2. Tap on Rewards points

3. Search for Pilipinas Special Olympics

4. Select the denomination of points you want to donate

5. Confirm your donation

The holiday is more fruitful with the gift of giving!

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